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La doble marcha de la relación entre PP y Vox en Madrid: ruptura con Ayuso y Almeida y plena normalidad en gobiernos municipales


Coalición in Madrid Municipality: Relation Between Comunidad and Ayuntamiento Non-Existent


The relationship between the two key governing bodies of Madrid, the Comunidad and Ayuntamiento, is practically nonexistent. Disparities in coalition governance are evident in other municipalities. Click the videos and links to further understand the ongoing situation.

Table of Contents

  1. Context
  2. Coalition Governance
  3. Disparities in Other Municipalities
  4. Conclusion


The Comunidad and Ayuntamiento, Madrid’s regional and local governments, are two primary governing entities that currently show no mutual connections. This lack of interconnection can affect the decision-making processes and overall governance.

Coalition Governance

The absence of meaningful partnership between the Comunidad and Ayuntamiento is particularly glaring considering the existing coalition government in Madrid. This situation illustrates both the potential and the complications of coalition governance.

Disparities in Other Municipalities

Differences in governance style are present across other municipalities in Spain, where other political groups can sometimes govern in coalition. Such differences provide a stark contrast to the current situation in Madrid, highlighting the unique governance challenges in Spain’s capital.


The state of disconnect between Madrid’s two key governing bodies tends to complicate the city’s political climate. The juxtaposition of this detachment with the coalition style seen in other municipalities highlights the unique complexities of governance in Madrid.

  • Key Points:
  • The relationship between Madrid’s Comunidad and Ayuntamiento is non-existent
  • This contrasts with the coalition governance present in some other Spanish municipalities
  • This situation reveals the unique governance challenges in Spain’s capital

As we enter 2024, the eye will be on Madrid’s governance structures. The ongoing disconnect between the Comunidad and Ayuntamiento promises to provide a complex political narrative to follow. The looming question is whether a closer relationship between these two entities would streamline decision making and offer a more cohesive approach to governing Spain’s bustling capital.