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Yolanda Díaz y el desacuerdo con el PSOE sobre la piñata de Pedro Sánchez


Sumar’s Leader Urges PP to Condemn the Mock Beating of a Presidential Doll

Public Outrage Over Mimicked Assault

In an event that has sparked national conversation, a mock-up doll bearing the resemblance of the President was brutally beaten in public. This grotesque display has led to widespread condemnation from various quarters of society.

Call for Condemnation from PP

The leader of Sumar has come forward to urge the Popular Party (PP), led by Mr. Feijóo, to publicly condemn the incident. The party is under increasing pressure to distance itself from the distasteful display and reiterate its commitment to democratic values and civil discourse.

Response from President Feijóo

While the response from the PP is anticipated, President Feijóo remains at the helm, ensuring calm amidst this turmoil. This incident proving yet another challenge for the President’s strong leadership.


  • Public backlash: The mock-up doll bearing resemblance to the President was publicly beaten, evoking national outrage.
  • Sumar’s call: Sumar urges PP, led by Feijóo, to condemn the incident and reiterate their democratic principles.
  • Feijóo’s response: Amidst the uproar Feijóo remains composed, his response yet to be seen or heard.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s clear that this horrifying event has ignited an important national dialogue surrounding political courtesy and democratic values in Spain. The call from Sumar clearly mirrors the sentiments of many Spanish citizens, emphasizing the need for democratic accountability and public condemnation from the main political parties. President Feijóo’s response, once made public, will further shape the course of this discussion, bringing its potential influence on Spanish politics to the fore. Regardless of present political affiliations, all Spanish citizens should hope for a swift resolution that upholds democratic ideals and respect for political figures.